FNB Instant Accounting Problem Areas!

 FNB Instant Accounting Problem Areas

Areas Every accounting program I have ever worked with lacked some features which I saw in another program and FNB Instant Accounting is no different. Here are some of the areas I believe where FNB Instant Accounting can improve. Speed Personally there are few things that irritate me more than a computer program that does not respond immediately when I hit the enter button on my keyboard. Speed are mainly influenced by:

  • Speed of your internet connection Internet connections are slow some times of the month even if you have an ADSL, 3G or faster connection. If you suffer from a slow internet connection stay away from any web based accounting software or get a faster connection. If you don’t you will get frustrated. 2) 
  • Speed of the FNB Instant Accounting Website I have experienced the FNB Instant Accounting to be slow at certain times of the month. Even when other websites respond lightning fast, it may take up to five second after entering a transaction before the system will record the transaction. This is one of the main reasons why some of my clients decided to discontinue its use. Recurring entries Some businesses need to do the same accounting entries on a monthly basis. A prime example is a business that owns a block of flats—the rent stays the same on a monthly basis. The only details on the invoice that need to change is the description of the month. Imagine you have 100 flats. If you have a choice between doing 100 invoices every month or setting it up once, change the description that will affect all invoices once per month and then let the system generate the invoices automatically for you which would you choose? Most accounting programs call the automatic generation of the transactions recurring batches/entries. Recurring batches/entries can save you a lot of time and at the time of writing the FNB Instant Accounting program does not have the recurring entry functionality. Hopefully this will be added in future as it is a standard function in most other accounting packages. Inventory If you need to keep track of stock stay away from Instant Accounting as the function is not available.

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