Waiting time at SARS!

 Waiting time at SARS

When last did you have the privilege to visit a SARS Branch? Did you enjoy the experience? Most people I talk to say they were treated decently, the agent was friendly and in most cases helpful. The majority was even impressed by the system in place at SARS calling your number when you had to see an agent. But almost all had one complaint! The time they had to wait before being serviced. In some cases you sit for two, three or more hours to be helped and then it may take as little as five minutes to sort out the problem. What does this do the productivity of the country if people who are clearly active in the economy, have to spend hours sitting around (or even worse standing in a queues at SARS)? It has now been a few years that a visit to SARS can take a few hours out of your day. The question is why has this problem not been rectified. If you want to use a tagline that states °SARS at your Service’ you clearly should try and sort it out Here are just two suggestions. I can think of more, but will stick with two for now.
Train people working in your call centre better and give them the authority to sort out more problems In my humble, but I believe in this case correct opinion, a lot of the work that the people at branch level have to do could have and should have been sorter out by the call centre. The standard response by call centre agents if they cannot help you is to go to the nearest SARS branch. If you ask them what SARS’s procedure is to sort out a matter and you speak to five different agents you might get three different answers. I recently spoke to a call centre agent that told me to go into a SARS branch to get a specific form. There is a section on the website where you should be able to get the form, but the functionality on the -upgraded website’ does not work as well as it is suppose to and most certainly not as well as the older website. Now even if the website does not work as you would expect, why couldn’t he just email me the form? Appoint more people. I really hope SARS sorts out the waiting time at their branch offices soon to make the experience of taxpayers more pleasant. With the ever increasing requirements and red tape by SARS and as more taxpayers join the tax base they have their work cut out
Will it happen? Time will tell.

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