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Payroll Administration


These days SARS requires a lot more details when it comes to payroll administration and the payment of staff. It is absolutely crucial that you get it right, because hefty penalties apply if you don’t.

Long gone are the days when an amount is paid to a casual employee and you retaining a petty cash slip with his signature on it. Payroll administration involves more than the simple preparation of salary and wage slips. As an employer you need to ensure you keep proper details for employees, including casual employees, as you need to issue IT3 returns for┬áthese employees. At the end of the year you need to reconcile your IRP5’s and IT3 returns to the amount shown as salaries in your financial statements.
We can provide all or any of the following payroll administration services you may require:

  • Preparation of monthly salary slips
  • Preparation of weekly wage slips
  • Informing you of all details needed for employees to issue IRP5’s and IT3’s
  • Setting up system and controls to ensure you have all details as required by SARS
  • Submission of your companies EMP201 return
  • Bi Annual IRP5 reconciliations
  • Salary and Wage reports
  • Keep track of leave taken
  • Keep track of sick leave
  • Advising you on ways to structure a salary package
  • Payroll consulting services to answer any questions you may have.
  • Registration as an employer
  • Registration employees at the Unemployment Insurance Fund
  • Registration of the employer at the Compensation Fund (COIDA)
  • Complete yearly COIDA return

Please get in contact with us if you would like to outsource your payroll administration
problems. We have the software, knowledge and systems in place to ensure your payroll complies to the latest SARS requirements.